About Us

Keeping Fingers Warm since 2018

Wayne Wexler

Creator/Partner of Well Designed Wood

Wayne's wife is an artist herself, oftentimes spending her weekends at craft fairs. It wasn't long before Wayne realized that a great way to spend more time with his wife would be to start making a product of his own. Beer drinking was a good place to start, and so, at the end of 2018, Well Designed Wood was born!

Jake Wexler

Partner/Craftsman of Well Designed Wood

Thinking his dad was onto something, Jake quickly got involved by putting his recently-earned industrial engineering degree to good use in the beginning of 2019. Efficiency and quality improved as more time was devoted to the product. And just like that, WDW was on it's way!

Founder image

How it began

To the left is the first Woody ever created. It took 3 days to make, barely fit in a person's hand and was sealed off at the bottom with a round(ish) piece of wood. Needless to say, there were improvements to be made, and we were happy to do it! Next came the Gripper, because beer wasn't comfortable enough in your hand already. This "invention" was followed closely by the Clipper, putting the phrase "Dude, hold my beer" out of use. Over time, we really dialed it in, our measurements became more exact and our tolerances got tighter (still leaving plenty of room for artistic freedom, of course). We still believe we are getting better every day, taking pride in our work and hoping that you have as much fun using your Woody as we had making it!

Our Story

We never planned on making wooden Beer Drinking Accessories. We were never even all that good at woodworking. But our founder had a vision and after plenty of mistakes and even more learning, we slowly turned a hobby into something resembling a business. But it was more than that because we were having fun. You hear a lot about "family businesses", but we never imagined that we could become one. 95% of our "business" meetings happen while sitting around a fire which beats Zoom calls any day if you ask us. Wives and girlfriends are being dragged into the operation as well and so far, there are no signs of stopping!

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Our mission

Our goal is two-fold, but it is simple: Keep beers cold, keep fingers warm. That's it. And we also want to equip people with the most unique Beer Drinking Accessories that will get their friends and family talking, so actually it's three-fold. Oh, and we want people to have fun, so then...four-fold? However many folds, we are dedicated to each of them. We get a lot of satisfaction knowing that people are enjoying our products and the more people that learn about us, the better. So, tell your friends, buy your dad a gift, or just treat yourself. Whatever you decide, we'll continue to do our part to bring you the coolest thing you've never heard of!